If I could give you the stars, I'd gather them inside my heart,
I'd wrap them in love and brighten your day with starlight ..

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

For Ava xx .....Each life touches this world in a way no other can, leaving not only memories, but a lasting imprint on our hearts ....

One thing that I am reminded of more and more, is that no matter what is going on in our lives, the world keeps on turning and time keeps on moving on.....we just have no control over it at all !!

It is 5 years now, since a blog friend of mine gave birth to her first child, a daughter named Ava.

Ava grew wings and flew to heaven a few short hours after she was born.
Today, we will be releasing balloons into the sky in memory of Ava, as we have done for the last few years.

Happy 5th Birthday dear sweet Ava, you are in our thoughts today xx

You will find Karlas blog HERE if you would like to pop over and send her your love today x

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

New Moon Night!!

Yesterday was a very exciting day here in our household....well for me and Lauren anyway (Daniel was less than interested!!)....It was an eagerly awaited day, New Moon came out on DVD!!

We rushed to Asda, where there were thankfully quite a few copies left!

We then rushed home, snuggled on the sofa and sat and absorbed 2 hours of yummy Edward and Yummy yummy Jacob!!

Lauren decided that although jacob did look nice (bless her, forget that she is only a little 8 year old sometimes!!), she would like to kiss Edward and so she liked him best :)

I must admit that I actually liked them both in this film, although Edward is still my fav by a small amount, Jacob taking his top off in various scenes did help the vote to swing in his favour sightly!!

I will be watching it again tonight....alone, so that I can actually hear what is happening! lauren is not the best person to watch a DVD with as she likes to ask questions about what is going on ...ALL THE WAY THROUGH!!

All we have to do now is sit....and wait for Eclipse to come out, which I think is later in the summer here YIPPPEEE!!!

Monday, 22 March 2010

Better late than never Christmas pictures!!!

At last I have managed to sort out the computer and get the photos uploaded, so here are a few of the children at christmas and one of the snow we had earlier this year, which resulted in us being snowed in for about a week!!

Lauren on Christmas day, trying to look angelic!! Excuse the airbrush tatoos on her arms, she got the set for christmas and promptly tatooed everyone !

Daniel posing by the tree!!

My two precious little stars on christmas day!!


Hello, Hello .....anyone out there??

I will be very suprised if anyone is actually still bothering with my blog, as I have been very hit and miss for so long now!

Have had a sickness bug this weekend, and spent some of the time sitting looking at some of my favourite blogs ! Basically I miss blogging and miss all my blog friends soooo much!

I have had major problems getting photos onto the computer, but I am going to sit here until I have cracked it today!!?

Then I think I will give my blog a small face lift and get on with 2010 in blog land ! and whatever it may have to offer!

Have lots to share, some good, some bad, some just down right silly....but hey that's life ??

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Let the blogging re commence !!

Well, I cannot believe that January has flown by without me adding something to my blog !
I seem to have got well and truly out of the blogging loop and sat here last night and decided that if I don't get back into it now....I probably never ever will ..... so here I am !!

My camera is currently on charge, I have found the lead that uploads to the computer and I have photos ready to share with you all!

There has not really been alot happening here! We had lots (and I mean LOTS) of snow last month, so much infact that we ended up being snowed in for 4 whole days....not good!
The first day was quite fun, the kids loved it, but by the fourth day of being stuck in the village in the middle of nowhere, no shops, nowhere to go etc etc... cabin fever started to creep in and we all got very fed up!!

Luckily it eventually went away and life went back to normal, although it is still cold here and today we have rain......roll on summer I say!!

Daniel and Lauren both enjoyed their birthdays, I find it hard sometimes to get my head around the fact that my babies are now 12 and 8, where does the time go??

Daniel is well and truly an "almost" teenager and he has a great social life, he is out quite alot these days and I hardly see him, he spends alot of time with a school friend doing homework and playing out on his scooter !!

Lauren continues with her dancing and is still doing really well. She has her next round of dance exams coming soon and is already practicing her dances! She auditioned recently with her dance school for the west end show that they put on in London in July and she has passed. Her rehearsals start in a few weeks, so she will be dancing her little heart out!

Today is pancake day, so thw children will be busy making pancakes after tea! Last year was very interesting and I am wondering how many will be stuck on the ceiling this year ha ha !

Hope all my blogging friends are well, I have missed you all so much and will be spending tonight on a marathon blog visiting session to catch up with you all!

Hopefully I will find my blogging mojo again and rekindle the love of blogging that I had before .... so, let the blogging re commence xxxxx